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Kreg pocket hole jig 320 vs r3

Would you like to get ahold of a simple, low-cost, effective pocket hole jig? One that is quick to set up, accurate, and adaptable to any project? This pocket hole jig from Kreg comes in a nice, durable compact case. With that said, even still after 10 years of project building, I find plenty of uses for pocket holes in many of my woodworking projects.

What makes this jig unique is that it attaches to a clamp and has self-aligning positive stops, making for a quick and hassle-free setup. It features two drill guides and a spacer in between. It comes with full instructions and even a couple small boxes of pockets screws. The jig itself comes apart into 5 pieces and can be re-attached so you can drill closer pocket holes for narrower boards and tighter locations.

This becomes very helpful for furniture repair projects. There is no play or looseness about it. The anchor will fit into this upper right opening:. First, take a look at the design of the Kreg clamps. Notice they have one pad that is larger than the other, which is helpful in reducing the chance of marring your project:.

The Kreg pocket hole jig clamp adaptor fits perfectly on the large pad, as though it was made for it:.

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This means the small pad is what will be clamped against the wood… Seems illogical, but it will still get the job done. Set up is a breeze. You push in and slide the alignment stops. The flexion in the plastic locks and holds them in place:. I love this feature of the Kreg pocket hole jig. It makes lining up the stop collar on the bit quick and painless. This makes it quicker to set up.

The kit also comes with a nice allen wrench that is blue in color. I actually really like this because many times, the regular allen wrench with the other pocket hole jigs would end up next to other allen wrenches where it would blend in.

This is honestly one of my favorite features. If you know anything about my woodworking jigsyou may have noticed that I like no-slip surfaces. This is incredibly helpful for some jigs.Handyman's World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. One of the most common ways to join two pieces of wood is by using pocket holes.

As you likely know, the one tool that can help you with getting this type of joint done right than any other is the pocket hole jig. While there are quite a few different models of pocket hole jigs made by a variety of manufacturers on the market, some of the most popular ones are made by Kreg Tool. In fact, Kreg Jig is the name you are the most likely to hear if you ask someone for a recommendation.

In this article, I briefly review three of its most popular products — the Kreg Jig Mini, the R3, and the K4 — to help you figure out which one is the best one for your needs. Before continuing, though, below is a table summarizing the jigs compared in this article.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 320 Vs R3

The Kreg Jig Mini is an entry-level product and the simplest one of the three mentioned in this article. The package includes the jig itself, a drill bit with a stop collar, as well as an Allen wrench for adjusting the position of the stop collar. It does not come with a clamp to hold it securely when in use, and so you will have to get one such as this one made by Kreg separately.

Unlike the other two products on this list, the Kreg Jig Mini only features one hole. As such, it is not too practical for complex joinery work. That said, it is perfect for repairs, flooring, as well as working in space-restricted areas. However, because it does not have a positioning fence, it can theoretically be used on materials of any thickness as long as you position the jig right.

Check price and reviews on Amazon. The Kreg Jig R3 is the one you should be looking at if you are serious about wood joinery but are on a budget. It comes with the jig itself, a clamp pad adapter, a drill bit with a depth collar, a driver bit, and an Allen wrench for adjusting the position of the collar. The product is available in a starter kit that includes a clamp and some screws as well.

For wider pieces, you will need to move the jig to get the holes in the right spots. The last pocket hole jig in this list, the Kreg Jig K4 is great if you need something more advanced than the previous two. This jig comes with a frame that has clamps — both for holding the jig steadily on your workbench as well as the board being worked on against the jig — built into it.

Still, if you want to carry it around with you, you can remove the jig from the frame to save space.

kreg pocket hole jig 320 vs r3

That means you can drill pairs of pocket holes for materials between 1 and 4 inches wide without having to move the jig before drilling the second hole. If the above is not enough information for you to study the differences between the three Kreg Jigs, you can check the manual for each of the products through the links below:.

If you read through the above, you should have a pretty good idea about which of the three Kreg Jig pocket jigs — the Mini, the R3, or the K4 — is the best for your needs. In most cases, I would recommend you to get the Kreg Jig R3 which offers great cost-performance. With its two holes, it will be the right tool for most of the joints you will need to do. That is unless you are planning on working a lot with boards that are fairly wide. In that case, I recommend the Kreg Jig K4 which has three holes and also comes with a built-in clamping system.

Finally, if you only need to drill a pocket hole every now and then and are looking for the most affordable solution, get the Kreg Jig Mini.A few weeks back, I went to my very first blogging conference. It was specifically geared toward DIY and home bloggers, and at check-in, we were all given a large bag of swag provided by the various conference sponsors.

My very favorite thing in the bag? The new, not-quite-on-the-market-yet, Kreg Jig But a couple projects where I played around with the Kreg Jig showed it was very much an upgraded version of the R3. The Kreg Jig can do everything the R3 did, plus a little bit more.

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Note: This blog contains affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you. When you open the box, your Kreg Jig should look something like this:. There are five pieces and a stop collar that comes off the drill bit. The largest plastic piece is the primary jig; the others are all for adjusting the jig, drilling the holes, and driving the screws. Here they all are labeled:.

kreg pocket hole jig 320 vs r3

Lets talk about the primary jig a bit more before we move on. The fact that the jig breaks into different pieces allows for three different configurations of the jig. A single hole jig:. This is convenient in that it allows you to drill further spaced pocket holes without reclamping the material.

How to Use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 320

This is a major time saver, especially when adding pocket holes to the end of 2x4s. Additionally, extra spacers can be purchased to allow for even more configurations.

Kreg Jig Mini vs. R3 vs. K4: Which One Is the Best?

To do this, start by measuring your wood the name of the board, i. Kreg has helpfully designed the hex wrench to double as a measuring stick as shown below. Then adjust the stop collar on the drill bit to match the thickness of the wood. The open circle should align with the appropriate thickness, as shown in photo below.

Use the hex wrench to tighten the collar. The primary jig needs to be adjusted as well. Press the end of the gray tabs to move the tabs to the appropriate setting. Add the clamp adjuster pad to the Kreg Jigand then line the jig up on the board where you want your pocket holes to go. Be sure that the gray tabs are pressed fully up against the edge of the board.

Clamp securely to a workbench or other surface. Then use the provided drill bit to drill the pocket holes. Be sure to push the drill bit all the way in; the stop collar should touch the primary jig.Join the conversation Add your thoughts about any Tweet with a Reply.

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kreg pocket hole jig 320 vs r3

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Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 320 Review

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